Vendors and Book Exhibitors are invited to offer products in the scope of the Workshop. Exhibitor space is available – please contact local committee for further details. Editors are invited to exhibit books.


Mentor Graphics – Mechanical Analysis leads the market in electronics thermal design software.

Mentor Graphics – Mechanical Analysis leads the market in electronics thermal design software. Our team are at THERMINIC to discuss thermal design, thermal characterization and reliability requirements and are happy to answer any questions about these topics. More information on Mentor Graphics products, including FloTHERM V10.1, FloTHERM XT and MicReD’s T3Ster and a range of Industrial Power Tester solutions for active power cycling of high-current devices like IGBTs and MOSFETs, is available from our booth.


Nanotest is an experienced partner for thermal characterization and reliability-related topics and offers services and equipment for a wide field of application, ranging from material level and microelectronics packaging up to sophisticated MEMS and power electronics. They connect science and industry and drive innovative technology forward to reach readiness and availability.

At their booth you will have the chance to see the TIMA™ product family for cross- and in-plane thermal conductivity and diffusivity measurements as well as a novel and compact approach to the 3 omega method for rapid thermal material characterization.


The Hight Tech Institute - Exhibitor @ Therminic The High Tech Institute is a leader in post bachelor/academic education for technology professionals. HTI offers education at an internationally recognised level, in close cooperation with universities, professional institutes and industrial enterprises. Their lecturers are selected for their industrial experience. HTI offers courses in disciplines as Electronics, Optics, Mechatronics, Software, System, Leadership-Communication, among others a multiple day Cooling of Electronics workshop.


Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd is a materials technology company and solution provider to high endurance applications of a unique amorphous diamond material; Adm™ which gives extended life in high temperature, chemically aggressive and abrasive environments. Our patented process has been developed to provide a unique thermal management solution for electronics applications applied to copper and aluminium to provide an electrically resistive , highly thermal conductive surface.


bsw has an almost 20 year history in semiconductor device characterization and modeling tools and equipment. We deliver turn-key solutions based upon the key products of major suppliers. We are mainly active for electronic components for high-frequency, microwave and up to THz frequency applications and electronics for communication and research. Operating powers range from <1mW to >1kW. At the exhibition we demonstrate a Thermo visualization system from Microsanj, based upon the effect of thermoreflectance. With this principle, as implemented in the equipment from Microsanj, we achieve very high spatial resolution (~100nm) and fast transient response (down to ns-ps time resolution).

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